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'There is no therapist in the world as effective as an adoring bichon.'
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All information contained on these pages is offered as a helpful service.  It it not intended as medical counsel or taking the place of professional guidance. Please seek the services of  a competent veterinarian or professional dog trainer at the first indication of problems.

Avoiding coyotes

• Do not feed coyotes.

• Do not feed pets outdoors.

• Do not allow pets to run free.

• Eliminate the availability of bird seed. Coyotes are attracted to the birds
and rodents that eat the seed. If you feed birds, clean up the waste or spills.

• Make garbage inaccessible to coyotes and other animals.

• Fencing may deter coyotes. Make fences tight to the ground,
preferably extending 6 inches below ground level.

• Remove brush and tall grass on your property to reduce
the protective cover for coyotes.

• If you see a coyote, be aggressive. Make loud noises, wave your arms
and throw sticks and stones.

• Teach children to keep away from coyotes.

• Ask neighbors to follow these tips.

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